Review of freelance websites

Comparison The following is a list of freelancer's websites that I have used or considered. I am not too happy with some of them. Information about fees is notoriously difficult to find in most cases. The site "" even ... Read more »


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MOOCs MOOCs MOOCs. I like them. Here's the list of MOOCs I completed in the recent years. The list of the MOOCs I've done recently. Course Link University Points Certificate Remarks Machine Learning Stanford 87.5/80, 800/ ... Read more »

A review of books on Power-Line Communication

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Recently I had to dig deeper into power-line communication ("PLC") pros and cons, competing technologies and standards, and so I got my hands on a number of books. The monographs on this topic are rarely reviewed, with one notable exception: ... Read more »

Machine Learning Techniques for Human Activity Recognition on Smartphones

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Introduction The mobile phone market has witnessed stunning growth in recent years, reaching 5.6 billion mobile connections in 2011 [1]. Mobile phones are therefore increasingly accessible to the world population and play an ever bigger role in our daily ... Read more »

PV price forecast

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This analysis of PV installation costs is based on the anonymized data collected by the online ROI calculator PVCalc. The data spans the period July 2009 - Dec. 2011 and contains price and nominal power data. A simple plot already ... Read more »