CoinLive is an interactive command line tool that displays live cryptocurrency prices. It can also display simple historical price charts. The data is provided by the Binance Spot API. The CLI is written in Rust and relies heavily on the superb tui library. The source code is on github. ... Read more »

Getting Worldbank Data with Python

This is a quick note on how to retrieve Worldbank data using Python. Thanks to the wbdata package it is very easy to obtain Worldbank data. The time-series can be identified on the Worldbank website, then the data can be retrieved. The data can be inspected interactively in order to ... Read more »

Opensource FPGA: First Steps with the IceStorm Toolchain

This blog post gets you started with Project IceStorm, a fully open source Verilog-to-Bitstream flow for iCE40 FPGAs. First we will cover installation of the toolchain on Linux and Mac OS X. Then a simple blinky program is synthesized, routed and programmed on a Lattice iCEStick. At the end some ... Read more »

A short Haskell FileStore Tutorial

Haskell package filestore provides an interface for a versioning file store. It uses git, Darcs and Mercurial as a backend. Here's a short walk-through to get you started. Documentation In Data.FileStore.Types you find the most important functions such as initialise. save. retrieve, delete, etc. Data.FileStore.Generic has ... Read more »

Emacs for Haskell

Haskellers are not exactly blessed with an abundance of IDEs. After trying Vim, Atom and Haskell for Mac I converged on Emacs with the Intero package. First let's run through a selection of alternatives that all have great features but are each lacking in some particular way. Haskell for Mac ... Read more »